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Hardware Repair & Upgrades

We install new memory, hard disks, optical drives, motherboards, cases, processors, graphics cards etc. We can advise your hardware purchases or order parts on your behalf. All new hardware will be fully tested after installation to ensure problem free operation.

Spyware & Virus Removal

Spyware and viruses can grind your system to a halt. Our scrupulous removal techniques ensure the computer is completely clean, helping to prevent re-infection.

Health Check & Servicing

Is your computer sluggish? Does it take a long time to boot? Do programs crash frequently?
Whatever the cause, we can cure it.

Photo & Data Recovery

We offer a specialised data recovery service, capable of recovering data from crashed hard disks, faulty memory cards and scratched CDs. We can even retrieve files which have been deleted completely.

Home & Office Networking

Share your internet connection, printers and files, hassle free, across your home or office. Let us set up your wired or wireless network, ensuring it is efficient and secure.

Custom Builds

Branded computer shops such as PC World and Dell are highly overpriced. We can help you design, build and test a cost effective bespoke system to meet your exact specification.

Domain Management

Setting up your domain (info@yourname.co.uk or www.yourname.co.uk) can be a daunting task for even an experienced user. We will put your mind at ease by managing your domain completely. Registration, DNS, hosting, mailbox setup, email client configuration, website updates....

Contact us now and discover how Tidy Bytes can help you.